shipping container garden

We’ve already talked about shipping container gardens and all their glory, but they’re generally just a small scale project. What if we had an area of 60 or more separate shipping containers? Yeah, this giant shipping container garden is currently in the process of being built. Let’s take a look.

Giant Shipping Container Garden?

Along the banks of the Tyne at the Gateshead Quays, the giant shipping container garden will be privately funded. The Gateshead Council has already approved the project.

The area will include open areas full of trees, plants, and business areas, like housing shops, cafes, art shows, and start-ups—all built out of recycled shipping containers.

The area will be completely green, meaning the buildings themselves will have trees along the roofs, where plants like fruits and vegetables will be planted. So, more like shipping container buildings and shipping container gardens all in one! Talk about reducing your footprint!

What is the main purpose?

The plan is to open this once busy area again to the public with a plaza garden and an urban area that will consist of about 60 shipping containers. This giant shipping container garden will also be a shopping district with hotels, bars, and restaurants, all due to be open in 2021.

Indoor farming is great for the environment because it recycles old shipping containers that weren’t being used for anything else, but it’s also a great alternative to farming. Having a “green community” of plant-integrated buildings actually benefits our atmosphere. When buildings have green roofs of plants and trees, they absorb sunlight and nutrients, which is healthy for the local environment—but ultimately, this is great for the longevity of Earth.

Try Your Own Shipping Container Garden

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