As you may already know, Storage on Wheels contributes to several in-town music festivals. As you may also know, the Electric Daisy Carnival was recently in town. We had the opportunity to showcase our shipping containers in the form of EDC shipping container art.

EDC Shipping Containers: What Are They Good for?


Electric Daisy Carnival art is always something to look forward to every year. What’s interesting is Las Vegas’ fascination with re-purposing shipping containers for a variety of things. Storage containers are used at EDC wherever possible. The usage of EDC shipping containers is quite liberal, at that.

This year at EDC in Las Vegas, festival goers were greeted by monolithic structures of two shipping containers leaning against one another to form a 180-degree angle. The EDC shipping containers surrounded one of the main stages. EDCs have all shared a common theme of repurposing or even dystopian. They, just like most things at EDC, were covered in graffiti and artwork, each individually designed.

These are the things you can expect from EDC in terms of artwork. Are there any other practical uses of EDC shipping containers, though?

Shipping container bathrooms

At a festival like EDC, there’s a lot you can do for design aesthetics. For example, taking advantage of certain designs is a must. EDC expects a little of the repurposing vibe to show. It’s all part of the vibe.

Shipping containers can be used for many different things, so turning them into lavatories is a fairly simple, cost-effective solution.

Stages themselves

EDC has used shipping containers as stages before. Since Storage on Wheels donates about 20-30 different containers to EDC every year, it’s no surprise they’re implemented as a platform. I mean, where else would they go? They’re huge!

Shipping Containers for ANY Use

We’re always learning the different ways we can use shipping containers. Storage on Wheels offers a variety of storage containers available for purchase. Check out our store now.

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