So, you’ve decided to give compact living a try? Modified shipping containers make cozy, cute villas. What they lack in space they certainly make up for in charm and character. But let’s be real, charm and character can’t store your stuff. We’ve got some space saving tips for steel container homes.

Space Saving Tips for Small Homes

Modern space saving furniture

Furniture is the largest space consumer in every home. If you’re moving into your shipping container home from a 2,000 square foot home, you’ll need to trade some things around. Modern space saving furniture should have multiple functions, take up minimal space, and look aesthetically appealing.

Before you start furniture shopping, make a list of must-have rooms in your space. If you work from home, you’ll probably require an office area. Evaluate your lifestyle, so you can better accommodate realistic needs. For example, when was the last time you had guests over? If you’re having a hard time remembering, then a large living room space might not make the top of your needs list.

Some tiny home owners buy “transformer” furniture. So if you’ve decided house parties aren’t your thing, a bedroom that transforms to a living room is your solution to fitting in your office space. Couch beds have a reputation for all wires and no comfort, but modern technology has created some comfy multi-functioning beds.

Other modern space saving furniture ideas include kitchen islands with excess drawers, floor-to-wall bookshelves, retractable drawers, and low-sitting furniture.

Space saving ideas for small kitchens

All tiny home owners should pick their favorite room in a house and go big, well sort of. Many people enjoy a large kitchen.

Your steel storage container home, depending on the size, might not give you the luxury of a kitchen and dining room. If you’ve decided a gourmet kitchen is a necessity, pick a large kitchen island, which doubles as a dining room table. Also remember, when you can’t spread out, spread up. Low-sitting kitchen appliances give you space for floor-to-ceiling cupboards.

Still, you’ll need to make some sacrifices when it comes to cooking appliances. Once again, find utensils with multiple functions. Many new blenders double as food processors, conventional ovens double as microwave ovens, and microwaves aren’t necessary if you have a stove.

Other space saving ideas for small kitchens include:

  • Hanging pans from hooks instead of using precious cupboard space for storage
  • Placing plug-in heat plates in retractable drawers for added counter space
  • Opting for a large sink instead of a space-consuming dishwasher
  • Choosing a small refrigerator

Install lofts

Remember how we said when you can’t spread out, spread up?  Lofts make cozy bedrooms, reading nooks, or whatever else your heart desires. We’ll keep this section short because tall tiny home owners won’t benefits from the space saving tips offered by lofts.

Build a porch

Outdoor living is the most attractive quality of modified shipping container homes. When space is limited inside, go outside. A large patio can double as a dining room, nap space (add a comfy hammock), kitchen (add a grill), living room (add an outside dining set), or a hang out space.

Space saving furniture ideas for porches include:

  • Small chairs and tables
  • Minimal pots and plants
  • Crates as storage and seating

Keep it light

Light is your best friend. Large windows keep your home feeling big even if it’s not. Natural lighting also reduces the need for floor lamps and decoration. You don’t need fancy furniture to spice up a room’s decor when you have the great outdoors setting the scene.

Also, keep wall colors light. Dark paint tends to make rooms look and feel small. Space saving tips aren’t all furniture but also about ambiance.

Needing Some Extra Space?

The great thing about modified shipping containers is that you can always buy more. If your shipping container home is feeling a little too crowded, come down to Storage on Wheels and add to your space. Visit our website to find out more.

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