shipping container ski resort

In this edition of shipping container buildings, we take to the slopes! An all new ski resort in the Caucasus Mountain Range in Gudauri, Georgia is saving some money and building material by repurposing shipping containers. Let’s take a look at this shipping container ski resort.

Shipping Container Ski Resort

We’ve seen the trend of shipping container buildings flood the world with new and innovative ideas, but this is something we haven’t seen before. This shipping container ski resort looks almost like a pyramid, as it stacks up to a near point. It is five stories high.

The shipping container ski resort known as Quadrum Ski and Yoga Resort offers a minimalist concept with plenty of breathtaking views from every single room. The structure is held up by metal poles, like a dock or a platform, and is built into the mountainside.

The layout

On the first floor, you’ll find the reception area and the dining room. Stacked on top are the guest rooms, each made up of an individual shipping container. To reach them, you’ll get to climb a winding spiral staircase.

The rooms themselves run from single person spaces and full family areas. On the outside of the rooms, wood paneling makes the whole structure look conceptually like any mountainside wood cabin.

It is a ski resort, after all, so yes there’s a ski lift nearby—only a five-minute walk from the resort. The hotel also has a ski depot, for guests who will be hitting the slopes.

It’s also a yoga resort, which means it offers plenty of yoga classes and other relaxation activities such as swimming and relaxing in the spa. It is designed with relaxation in mind, as the bathrooms are their very own little spa where you could soak up and check out the beautiful Eurasian alps.

This is definitely worth checking out. Let’s hope we get one here in America.

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