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While shipping containers are known for various uses, did you know that they are movie stars as well? Yes, it’s true. Shipping containers in Hollywood are the unsung heroes in modern cinema and television, having starred in some of our own personal favorites. While their personal IMDB credits would surely rival that of Christopher Lee’s, let us at least remember a few of our favorite moments. Here’s where shipping containers in movies take center stage.

Shipping Containers in Movies and Television


You might be tough, but are you Arnold Schwarzenegger hanging one-handed from a hanging shipping container tough?

Vanessa Williams plays a whistleblower who turns her employer over to the federal government for selling a powerful weapon on the black market. Later, Williams needs protecting from bad guys. Schwarzenegger has to protect her while simultaneously gathering evidence of the illegal gun deals.

In the final scene, Schwarzenegger rescues Williams on top of a shipping container after she was taken hostage. Schwarzenegger then takes part in a dramatic struggle where he ends up hanging one handed from a unit suspended by a crane.

It’s Schwarzenegger, so you know he came out of it okay.

Lethal Weapon 2

No movie list is complete without mentioning Danny Glover.

The mismatched pair of LAPD detectives, Glover and Mel Gibson, are back after their take down of the Shadow Company in the first Lethal Weapon. Their new co-stars are shipping containers.

It all starts with Glover and Gibson discovering an illegal shipment of gold from South Africa in ,you guessed it, a storage container. Storage containers make many appearances throughout the film and during the investigation, but non quite as memorable as the last few scenes.

Glover and Gibson bust out of a steel unit in a luxury vehicle. They even take down their guy by setting a unit on top of him. Shipping containers in movies are more than props, they’re heroes.

Step Up Revolution

The Step Up film franchise has gathered a cult following. Any fan of the movie will pinpoint the iconic shipping container yard dance scene as one of the most memorable.

Shipping containers in movies are usually modified to pull off some wild stunts, but none are quite as obvious as those in Step Up Revolution. Dancers fall off the top of one unit to another modified unit made with a trampoline roof. If you’ve seen these movies. You probably know it gets even wilder than that. Shipping containers are used to complete complicated dance flips and stunts.

Consider the scene to come with a “Don’t try this at home” type of warning. Obviously it goes without saying as we know you never would, but you can never be too careful.


We understand this one is technically a Netflix TV show and not a movie, but if it’s worth checking out, it’s worth mentioning Speaking of, have you kept up with the new seasons of Daredevil? Shipping container yards have made several appearances in the series, used as a vantage and surveillance points by the titular hero, using them to get the drop on bad guys while dispensing his own brand of vigilante justice.

They also played an important role in Showtime’s Dexter, when Agent Doakes was able to surprise Dexter Morgan in a shipping container yard.

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