shipping container disaster relief

We’ve certainly proven that shipping containers can do a lot: create housing, swimming pools, restaurants, farms, etc. But what about aiding in natural disaster relief? Apparently, there are several groups using shipping container disaster relief as a way to help those who have suffered during a natural disaster. Let’s take a look.

Shipping Containers Helping with Disaster Relief

Hurricane relief

The recent events in Puerto Rico are devastating and tragic. Hurricanes Irma and Maria made a path of destruction and left the residents of the beautiful island without clean water, power, or even shelter in many cases.

Luckily, Second Blessings has sent ten 45-foot shipping containers, full of supplies to the victims in Puerto Rico. The organization only hopes to fill more and send them out. This project could aid future hurricane relief efforts, since the turnout was so incredible this year.


In any given year, about 100,000 wildfires burn through five million acres. We may have topped that in 2017 with multiple fires in California, Oregon, and Montana. How can shipping containers help those who are victims of wildfires? Ask Burners Without Borders and Burning Man, two groups that have set out to offer shipping container disaster relief to those victims.

Since many people lost their homes and their belongings to the wildfires, these two groups have put together shipping container homeless relief efforts by using seven shipping containers and even some large trailers. They are set up like small dorms that serve as perfectly decent living areas while the victims can get back on their feet again.


After the devastating earthquake in Haiti, many were left without homes. A group called SEED developed one of the very first concepts of shipping container disaster relief in the form of shelter. The great thing about shipping container homes is that they can withstand both hurricanes and seismic activity. The idea is that they could be permanent structures in places where natural disasters are common—saving lives and resources.

The team builds these earthquake-safe shipping containers by cutting strategic holes on the sides for both light and air flow. Then, they coat the outside in insulating ceramic paint, along with other modifications. After all that’s done, they add amenities for cooking and bathing. Victims could live rather comfortably in these shipping container homes.

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