shipping container art

You can do many things with shipping containers like erecting shipping container buildings like homes, restaurants, and basic structures and farming. But did you know you can create shipping container art? Here are some of the storage container art exhibits from around the world.

Shipping Container Art

Art Cube

A few young artists from Jeju, China opened up exhibits in two different locations that they’re calling Art Cube: a couple in the Jeju Jeolmul Natural Forest and a couple in Seogwipo Healing Forest.

The exhibits are small shipping container art pieces containing different sculptures and paintings. Artists modified the shipping containers to look like a display case. But, the fact that they are placed in the middle of forests makes them stand out—like a piece of an exhibit cut off and placed in the middle of nowhere.

Shipping container art residency

A group of artists took their visual creations into a bit of a performance medium with their new exhibit “Container art residency.” The idea is to create an exhibit and home out of typical shipping containers. Then, the artists take residency upon the ships shipping those steel containers.

Living on commercial carriers along international shipping routes is meant to shed light on the movement of goods, money, and even human lives. These artists continue to live and work in these environments of global commerce and industry.


Clearly, art is meant to make a statement—shipping container art, as we just saw, is perfect for making a statement against trade, commerce, and the economy. Artist, John Salvest, created a monumental shipping container structure, about 65 feet tall made out of 117 cargo containers.

By using different colors of shipping containers, he spelled out a message on both sides of the structure: on one side it says “USA,” and on the other, “IOU.” The artist used shipping containers to spell out a certain message about the national debt. Cargo containers represent trade and the economy, and now all of Kansas City gets to see for themselves the desperate message, right across the street from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

Las Vegas Shipping Container

Storage on Wheels knows everything there is to know about shipping containers, from buildings to shipping container art. See for yourself what this Las Vegas shipping container crew has to offer.

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