shipping container shortage

Shipping containers are used in just about every industry. Whether it be for construction, storage, or even shipping container art. The problem, however, is that we may be seeing a shortage of shipping containers, and this shipping container shortage may have a huge impact on the world. Let’s learn more.

Shipping Container Shortage

Going into 2018, we’re actually seeing a number of likely reasons for the shipping container shortage. For one, the cost of steel is going up. Shipping containers have always had a demand though, despite so many going into recycling and being reused for all kinds of different things. Let’s not forget it’s main purpose, which is to store and ship things sailing over-seas.

Many people have stated that a likely cause of the shipping container shortage is due to new regulations. Back in April of last year, Chinese shipping container manufacturers have decided to switch to water-based paint, as opposed to the traditional solvent based paint. This switch has caused a major setback for the shipping container industry as they start experiencing slow delivery and constantly filling up storage space.

Why is this bad?

For starters, if the shipping container shortage continues, we may see an increase in shipping costs. The reason for that is finding alternative shipping procedures and storage options. The problem is shipping containers are so integrated into everyday life, we don’t’ pay any attention to them.

Although a slight increase in production has been predicted by Drewry, it won’t be until the latter part of 2018, nor will it be significant.

The biggest problem witnessed in this shortage is the fact that shipping container leasing companies are booking more shipping containers than are currently being produced.

But luckily…

Storage on Wheels Still Has Plenty to Offer

Many shipping container companies were affected by the shortage, but Storage on Wheels has a stockpile. So don’t be nervous about checking out our storage containers.  

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