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Trouble may be brewing along the Pacific trade route from China to America. The issue lies within the realm of Chinese shipping container laws and factors pertaining to trading. Cargo owners especially may have taken a huge blow to their business ventures—it’s all about changes to equipment for the purposes of moving shipments via shipping containers.

Chinese Shipping Containers: What’s Going on?

China recently underwent several changes in laws regarding oversea shipping containers and Chinese factory regulations. Experts speculate that a shipping container shortage could hit next spring due to those reasons.

One of the biggest reasons for this dilemma is China’s decision to switch Chinese shipping container paints from solvent-based to water-based. This decision sets back the distribution of Chinese shipping containers.

Around the same time, these new Chinese factory regulations have reduced labor force exponentially, bringing a standard two-shift down to a one-shift. So, right now, they have to make up for that by bringing in more labor, which could take more time.

Different container lines were spoken to and they denied there were issues in east to west trade. In fact, it’s worth mentioning that a shortage of shipping containers is stuck in one region of the world, while European and other shipping container lines are showing a surplus in shipments.

How does it affect us?

A shortage of Chinese shipping containers means a shortage of shipping containers all together. For America, it’s likely that, in the event of a shipping container shortage, prices will go up. That is, prices for rental and prices for shipping.

We also have an issue of equipment availability. When a nation develops a dependency on a commodity, a shortage is sure to have reasonable economic impact. Of course, manufacturers are making new shipping containers all the time—just not at the same rate they’re being thrown away, unfortunately. There is, however, always good news with the amount of shipping containers currently not being used that could be refurbished and recycled.

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