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In the days of Shakespeare, theaters looked a bit different than they do today. They were round colosseum-like structures surrounding the stage in an outdoor venue. You don’t see many of those anymore. But now, the company Container Globe is building a shipping container theater outside, resembling the classic Shakespearean theater.

Shipping Container Theater, 1600’s Style

Angus Vail is the owner of Container Globe, a company dedicated to creating this particular shipping container building. The idea of this project is to closely mimic the appearance of those ancient theaters—”a punk reimagining,” as they explained it.

After spending a lot of time looking for a location that best suits this project, the team built a prototype of the ancient Globe Theater in the yard of a Detroit school. It will be part of an art project called Galapagos, a performance space.

The Globe

Not only is the layout closely mirroring that actual Globe Theater, but the idea is to mirror the atmosphere, making the performances “more accessible” and authentic.

Container Globe will complete the project by stacking old shipping containers on top of one another. Then, they’ll be opened up and modified to resemble the sitting bleachers that would be at the actual Globe theater in 1600’s England.

Since opening up their crowdfunding campaign, they’ve gained a lot of attention and even some requests. For example, some investors are asking that the theater be a permanent attraction, while the main idea was that it would be a traveling or temporary art piece.

The project is currently underway. We will see where they decide to go with it.

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