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A shipping container building is impressive in many ways. It shows what we can do with shipping containers after they are no longer being used. The way we can repurpose them and actually turn them into a comfortable, affordable, and livable space should blow everyone’s minds. Do we know about the brilliant minds behind these creations? Some architects, like Wes James, have taken quite an interest in shipping container buildings.

Wes James and Brian Stark

Wes James is a Phoenix based architect whose newest interest involves a stack of shipping containers, just like you’d see on a dock, but converted into one bedroom apartments. Just like Tallahassee’s future “Freight Yard” community, Wes James and his partner, Brian Stark, hope to create an entire apartment complex in the Downtown Phoenix area.

There is a long list of proposed shipping container buildings, such as shipping container offices and commercial areas.

The buildings

Containers on Grand, as the project is called, is now finished and ready for leasing. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of work goes into prepping a shipping container for livability. But what’s great about shipping containers is that the structure is already there.

Wes James and Brian Stark have added bathrooms onto the side of each unit. Other than that, there really isn’t much else they changed besides the interior: hardwood floors, better-looking walls, countertops, and other basic small apartment necessities. In fact, the goal of this project, according to James and Stark, was to change as little as possible.

The future of home construction

It seems what started as a fun trend with Container Park and other small projects has quickly turned into a long-lasting craze. Considering entire communities are already being built with shipping containers, Wes James and Brian Stark are probably onto something. Shipping container architecture is really taking off.

Las Vegas Shipping Containers

As for Las Vegas, who knows when we’ll get to see a full shipping container community? Maybe we can contact Wes James and Brian Stark. We definitely have plenty of shipping containers to spare. Just check out our storage solutions for more info.

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