In the past couple years, we’ve seen modified shipping containers be used for more than just storing goods. People have discovered that you can use a shipping container as an office or for housing. When you think outside the shipping container, the possibilities are endless.


The most popular uses for a modified shipping container are all unique. The creative uses for shipping containers are ever-evolving. Artistic minds are taking these forms of storage units and creating homes and container schools. Each year, there’s a new use for shipping containers.

Creative Uses for Shipping Containers

Some of the uses for a modified shipping container could have come about from someone that saw past the storage component and saw the potential that a shipping container can have.

Welcome home

The most popular use of a shipping container has to be the shipping container home. It is an eco-friendly and low-cost form of housing. The container home has been popping up in cities all over the United States. People have managed to customize their containers and present them as a typical house with all the fixings. They will even have more features than what you can get from a basic one-bedroom apartment.

Modern art

How do you beautify an old, rusty shipping container? Doll it up with some container art. By adding graffiti art to the container, you instantly give it a modern art feel to the once old and plain container. You can cover the whole container with graffiti or stack three containers on top of each other to creative a giant art piece.

School’s in session

Building new schools from the ground up can become pretty expensive. To build a school that would bring education to areas that may not have schools, turning a modified shipping container into a classroom is the answer. The container schools have provided children the chance to get an education without having to wait for a school to be built.

Your Shipping Container Providers

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