Container Painting

Storage Painting

If you purchased a used portable storage container, you might see signs of wear and tear. While they will still be water and wind tight, they can often have residual rust beginning to form on the surface and some minor cosmetic issues. A simple solution to these issues is refurbishing the container with a fresh coat of paint. Even if you purchased a new or one-trip container, you might want the portable shipping container to match the rest of your house. With Storage on Wheels, we can repaint shipping containers and refurbish them to look brand new and match any decor.

Repainting shipping containers

A lot can go into repainting shipping containers. First, they need to be washed of all residue and grime. After they have fully dried, we will then be able to inspect them for any rust that may have formed over the years and cosmetic damages such as small dings. Any rust will need to be ground off just before painting and small dings in the portable storage container will be knocked out. Then, the entire shipping container will be ready for a fresh coat of paint.

At Storage on Wheels, we make sure to keep in mind all shipping container paint specifications. With the use of Direct to Metal (DTM) paint, you can rest assured knowing that your shipping and storage containers will be looking brand new for many years.

Painting your steel shipping containers will give your portable storage containers a better overall appeal. You will be able to blend in your storage containers to your property or utilize them as a marketing tool for your worksites. Repainting shipping containers also adds one more layer of protection between the steel and the elements helping your storage containers last throughout the years.