shipping containers in the military

With all the resources and money afforded to the United States military, would you be surprised that the military relies on storage containers to carry out their business? Here are the top four uses of shipping containers in the military.

Shipping Containers in the Military

Transporting materials

Whether moving heavy artillery, technology, small weapons, or even vehicles, the military relies on storage container transportation to help move around the United States and overseas. Storage containers provide protection to the equipment. Additionally, they look inconspicuous, so they don’t alarm civilians.

Exercise and training

You may already know one of the many shipping container uses: exercise. Well, the military uses storage containers as great pieces of exercise equipment in their daily training. Whether you’re climbing over it like an obstacle course or if it’s a part of training scenarios, military shipping containers can help the training process. We wouldn’t be surprised if there happens to be a storage container gym somewhere on a military base.

Scenario creation

The military has to handle frightening situations on a daily basis. This is why they train through scenarios. With the use of storage containers, the military can create situations that involve hostages and climbing over obstacles. Storage containers can also be great to use for practices such as defusing bombs or escaping tight situations.


Shipping containers in the military are also used much like any other shipping container building: a place to sleep. That’s why the SEA BOX is one of the top brands used by the military to rest and take shelter. The military has many reasons to need shelter in the midst of war, or even bootcamp. First of all, it saves money; second of all, shipping containers are reliable. So, even the military knows how to save a dime.

Follow the Military’s Lead

If the military inspires you, follow their actions and check out our steel storage containers. There are multiple uses for shipping containers, whether you use it for cargo or to make it into a new home, Storage on Wheels can help. Check out our storage container services.

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