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Have you ever looked into an empty shipping container and wondered what great things you can use it for? Yes, you can use it to store your household or seasonal items, but what if you can use it to help others? Ben Greene thought outside the shipping container and figured he would start growing produce and create a shipping container farm.

The Farmery is an urban farming project by Ben Greene that takes empty shipping containers and makes them the growing fields for mushrooms and various other produce. Through the use of aquaponics grow systems and hydroponics grow systems, The Farmery is helping bring the urban communities access to fresh farm produce. This sustainable agriculture can help you start thinking of ideas for your empty shipping container.

Check Out the Shipping Container Farm 

With cities having limited access to fresh produce, shipping containers can provide the answer to fulfill the need for fresh farm vegetables. Ben Greene is working to grow The Farmery to be at the level where every urban city will have one. This way, grow systems like The Farmery can help fulfill the need for fresh produce.

It started with a shipping container

Ben Greene had the idea for The Farmery by trying to find a solution to the lack of access to fresh produce. He envisioned a new form of food retail. A place where customers had access to pick and purchase their fresh fruit. Greene uses both aquaponics and hydroponics grow systems in the empty shipping container to grow leafy greens and various kinds of mushrooms.

Greene’s initial Farmery is constructed of four shipping containers with a freestanding greenhouse between them. Each shipping container holds a different element, such as the mushrooms and the retail store. On one side of each container, there is a wall grow system. This will grow all the leafy greens and herbs.

The new grocery stores

What could be fresher in regards to producing than having the chance to pick it yourself? This sustainable agriculture gives people the chance to see the product and how it grows. The purpose of the shipping container farm is to introduce a new kind of grocery store to urban cities in the US. With constant innovation and thriving to provide the freshest produce possible, it is on the right path of showing the world that you can take an empty container and make it a part of a food movement.

Shipping Containers for The Next Innovative Idea

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