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In this day and age, you can order just about anything online: amenities, goodies, food, and…shipping container homes? Yes, Amazon, the leader in online purchasing has made this option available. These shipping containers on Amazon are full-sized homes and come fully furnished. But, are these shipping container homes on Amazon really worth it?

Shipping Containers on Amazon

If ordering a shipping container home on Amazon sounds efficient and convenient, that’s because it is. Amazon has made home purchasing easy and reliable—they’re so good, in fact, many retail companies (and even other industries) are concerned that Amazon may be taking over their industry.

Now they’ve moved into the world of selling homes…kind of.

While buying shipping container homes online is a rather new thing, the company that produces these shipping containers on Amazon, MODS International, is confident about its product. According to them, their units are built to the proper standard, the International Building Code. It even “exceeds” most construction standards.

Is it the same thing?

The shipping containers on Amazon may not have all their kinks worked out just yet. The problem with these shipping container homes is that they, for all eco-friendly and recycling purposes, are useless.

MODS International only works with brand new shipping containers and even makes their own, using brand new, non-recycled materials. The only purpose these shipping container homes would serve is if you’re into a sort of novelty home.

On average, these shipping containers on Amazon will cost around $36,000, with a shipping fee of around $5,000. So, Amazon Prime members shouldn’t expect any free shipping for two-day delivery, since the mandatory shipping fee still means you have to wait around 3 weeks to receive your product.

One of the best things about shipping container homes aside from their eco-friendliness is the freedom. The freedom to get creative and build your home however you want with just one to a few shipping containers, a few contractors/friends to help, and yourself. You lose the ability to make it what you want when you order them online. 

So if you want a truly unique home and one that is eco-friendly, get your shipping container home from Storage on Wheels.

Build Your Own Shipping Container Home

Storage on Wheels recommends you get your own shipping containers and build the dream home or shipping container building you want. Check out our storage container rental service to see your eco-friendly shipping container options.

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