shipping container restaurant

How would you like to eat out of a storage container? More and more, we see shipping container buildings popping up left and right. Their usefulness has been proven, but the style is something people are getting curious about—curious enough to set up their franchise restaurants in a shipping container. We’ve seen custom shipping container restaurants here and there in Vegas, but a Taco Bell?

Why a Shipping Container Restaurant?

Located in Irvine, California, this 1080-square foot franchise fast food restaurant is made out of five shipping containers.

Brooklyn-based company SG Blocks devotes some of their time to shipping container architecture. Their designs range from shipping container homes to other businesses, like Starbucks, or even Green Drop. They’ve built bars, restaurants, and coffee shops all around the country in places like New York, Oakland, and Asheville.

The goal, as stated by Taco Bell and SG Blocks both, is to build a restaurant that is as green as possible.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

This Taco Bell shipping container restaurant will help save the environment. How? Like we’ve talked about before, shipping container buildings are incredibly eco-friendly. The world has over 17 million shipping containers, yet only six million of them are being used right now. So, more than 11 million shipping containers are just sitting there, un-treated, unused, and rusting away.

Building a shipping container restaurant is not only a form of recycling old material, but it also greatly minimizes the use of building material. Taco Bell won’t have to start from scratch with this project. The frame and structure are both already there.

Save Money with Storage Containers

Whatever the reason and whatever the restaurant design, there is a shipping container use for you. Contact Storage on Wheels for all your storage container needs.

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