environment's effect on shipping containers

Buying a storage container is one thing, but maintain your storage container is a different thing altogether. Perhaps the most damaging factor to a storage container constitution is the environment it’s placed in. Heat, freezing temperatures, and humidity all affect the quality and longevity of your storage container. Here are some ways to combat the environment’s effect on shipping containers.

The Environment’s Effect on Shipping Containers

The heat

Shipping containers in a hot environment can be dangerous. Because of the metal’s low specific heat capacity, it will get hot quickly and stay hot. This can essentially make the interior of your storage container an oven, damaging your cargo. The exterior of the storage container can also sometimes be too hot to touch.

Luckily, cooling a shipping container is easy. If you live in a sunny and hot environment, place your storage container in a shady area. If that’s just not possible, you can put reflective metals on your storage container to bounce back heat. To keep your cargo safe from directly touching the metal, use items with a high specific capacity, like wood, as shipping container floor material.

Freezing temperatures

Cold effects on shipping containers can be surprisingly damaging. In cold climates, insulating a shipping container is the best way to maintain your large outdoor storage box. Good insulation choices include spray foam, panels, or blanket insulation.

A good roof makes all the difference. Using the color black or asphalt for a room will absorb more light, which will transfer heat into the storage container, Equip the storage container with weather stripping to keep out snow and slush.

Humid environments

Humidity effects on shipping containers can be the worst of the worst. While any environment’s effect on shipping containers may cause damage to the exterior of the shipping container, humidity will likely cause rust, as well as mold.

You can combat this by keeping your storage container in a well ventilated area. If you can’t, there are other ways to keep your shipping container rust and mold free.

Keep your storage containers interior safe from moisture by installing a desiccants or dehumidifier. These tools will collect or remove any moistures. On the exterior, paint rust sealant on your storage container to keep the metal from oxidizing.

Find Stable Shipping Containers

No matter what the weather effects are, you must protect your shipping container. Luckily, we have top quality shipping container for you to rent or buy, so check out Storage on Wheels today.

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