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Did you know that steel is the most recycled material in North America? Steel is durable and forgiving. After a steel unit transports goods, it goes on to live many other lives. That durability allows it to go on for almost forever. One of those lives is shipping container schools, or perhaps any shipping container building.

Shipping Container Modifications: Shipping Container Schools

Why people are choosing shipping container classrooms

Alternative storage units recycled for shipping container classroom designs soared in popularity recently. It could be because society became more environmentally conscious. Nearly 65% of portable storage units are recycled and created int something completely new. Demand for equal access to education in urban areas contributes to this statistic.

Education is important and should be accessible for anyone. Advocates for equal education belive you don’t need a high-end classroom for a proper learning environment. Schools made from shipping containers create a whole new way to teach any age group. Education centers like these are economically and environmentally friendly, teaching students another lesson on social responsibility.

Shipping container classroom design is all over the world!

Governments from around the world are deciding to save a dime on their education by switching to shipping container schools. Here are some examples of those:

  • The Waldorf School, Costa Mesa, California: This school is made from 32 different recycled, modified shipping containers. The whole project took just over three months to create the four building school. When it was finished, students had access to over 10,000 square meters of new classroom space, a science lab, a library, a student lounge, auditorium, and administrative offices.
  • The Fawood Children’s Centre, London, England: The idea behind shipping container schools and their design is offering new, innovative designs. This design is all about bringing the outside in. Students can interact with the outside environment, all within the supervised, protective walls of a modified shipping container, Fawood Children’s Center caters to autistic children and adults with learning disabilities.
  • Vissorshok Container Classroom, Cape Town, South Africa: Three companies specializing in portable storage units donated to this project. In the end, primary school children had access to a garden, play area, and classrooms.

Other countries such as Mexico, and the Netherlands make use of this shipping container schools for a cost-efficient and portable learning environment for children. Modified shipping containers for schools don’t’ have to be fancy, multi-level units like London’s Children’s Learning Center. Even simple structures provide endless opportunities.

Other types of modified shipping containers

These schools are not only designed for children but adults as well. Several shipping container classrooms are converted into unique shipping container environments:

  • Learning annexes. These facilities house experts offering career advice, along with business centers.
  • Fitness centers: Physical education is a lifelong lesson. Recycled containers are used as compact gyms in urban areas.
  • Rehabilitation centers: Many governments concerned with rehabilitating criminals are looking to modified shipping containers for schools. Offenders can take advantage of these facilities to restart their lives.

Why portable storage units won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon

Before you brush off modified shipping containers for schools or other facilities as a fad, here are some facts about steel units:

  • Shipping containers remain the most affordable and environmentally friendly means of transportation.
  • Transportation companies see a nice chunk of revenue from using shipping containers to carry goods across the ocean.
  • A container will clock enough ocean miles equivalent to traveling almost three-quarters of the way to the moon in just one year.
  • After container complete their journey, they’ll spend about half their lives sitting and waiting.

The bottom line? Steel containers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Shipping companies are more than willing to sell units at affordable prices for things likes schools, restaurants, homes, or whatever you can imagine since containers don’t get used for about 50% of their lives. So what are you waiting for?

Need a Portable Storage Unit or Modification?

You can find education in any location, even in shipping container schools! So when you need to create a school setting to house those extra classes, considering shipping container modifications with Storage on Wheels.

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