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Life as a Shipping Container

The life of a shipping container is a mysterious one. But did you ever wonder what your recycled, steel material home did before it met you? How long do shipping container homes last? It might have more to do with their journey beforehand. Use this handy image to learn all about the shipping container lifecycle from a Las Vegas storage
By : SOWLVAdmin | Mar 22, 2017

Tips for Packing a Shipping Container

There are a ton of shipping container packing methods floating around on the Internet, but take your advice from us; we’re experts. Are you going to believe the guy who is packing containers for moving for the first time in their life, or us? We eat, breathe, sleep, and dream packing a shipping container. Believe us, it’s not our first
By : SOWLVAdmin | Mar 15, 2017

Shipping Containers: The Unsung Heroes of Hollywood

While shipping containers are known for various uses, did you know that they were movie stars as well? It’s true. Shipping containers are the unsung heroes in modern cinema and television having starred in some of our own personal favorites. While their personal IMDB credits would surely rival that of Christopher Lee’s, let us, at least, remember a few of
By : SOWLVAdmin | Mar 14, 2017

Unique Uses for Shipping Containers

Adding more people or items to your household means getting rid others (like your man cave). But did you know a portable storage rental could give you your man cave back? There are more uses for shipping containers than just home storage solutions. Some of these unique uses could appeal to you. 10 Unique Uses for Shipping Containers Man cave
By : SOWLVAdmin | Mar 8, 2017

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