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Mission Statement

Storage On Wheels was established in 1970 and provides over 40 years of experience in affordable storage solutions. Our professional staff of 11 provides storage services all over the Las Vegas valley and surrounding areas.

Core Competencies

Storage On Wheels has a strong and successful record of establishing professional business relationships and excellent customer service. Our friendly and knowledgeable Storage Specialists are ready when you need them and will answer your questions. We have competitive products and pricing. Same day quotes, no hidden costs, all fees are agreed upon in full prior to the commencement of any deliveries.

  • Rentals & Sales of Storage Containers
  • Rentals & Sales of Storage Trailers
  • Temporary Office Containers
  • Multiple Size Units Available
  • Delivery, Pickup & Relocations
  • Modification: Custom, Refurbish or Repurpose
  • Custom Painting of Containers
  • Doors & Windows Installation

What Makes us Different

  • Delivery/Pickup within 24-48 hours of the next business day
  • Responsible for over 50,000 units delivered within other county departments. within Nevada and her sister states (AZ, CA and UT)
  • Our drivers have over 75 years of experience and hold CDL licenses
  • Prepared to deliver on military installations with no delays over the past 30 years – proud to serve those who’ve served

We Strive To Be Your One Source Local Storage Partner

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Blog Articles


Most Popular Uses for Modified Shipping Containers

In the past couple years, we’ve seen modified shipping containers be used for more than just storing goods. People have discovered that you can use a shipping container as an office or for housing. When you think outside the shipping container, the possibilities are endless.   The most popular uses for a modified shipping container are all unique. The creative
By : SOWLVAdmin | Jun 14, 2017

Homeless Relief: Could Creating Container Homes Help with Homelessness

Homeless aid is getting cities to think about creative ways to quickly help those in need. Cities are looking for ways to build affordable housing and reduce the homelessness rate. Shipping container homes may be the homelessness relief our cities need. Many places, like Los Angeles and Tokyo, have already started using shipping containers to help give people a place
By : SOWLVAdmin | Jun 6, 2017

Meet the Farmer Who’s Growing Produce in a Shipping Container

Have you ever looked into an empty shipping container and wondered what great things you can use it for? Yes, you can use it to store your household or seasonal items, but what if you can use it to help others? Ben Greene thought outside the shipping container and thought he would start growing produce in an empty shipping container.
By : SOWLVAdmin | Jun 6, 2017

5 Problems Solved with an Alternative Storage Solution

The summer is here, and you’re probably starting to put away all the winter items and bring out the summer essentials. As you start bringing out the storage bins for your items, you notice you might need more bins. Before, these bins were able to hold all of your items. Now, they can’t even store half of them. An alternative
By : SOWLVAdmin | May 30, 2017

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